FYI: I'm on my mission in Provo, Utah, until March 2017, and will be mostly unreachable by my usual ways. michael.edlinger at myldsmail dot net is the best way to reach me during that time.

Michael Edlinger

Small-time coder, enthusiast, paranoid, geek, inquirer, outdoors-man, hiker, adventurer, techy, skeptic, and more...

Main Projects

Ido linguo

Ido is an artificial language that was created to be a universal second language for speakers of diverse backgrounds. It was meant to be as easy to learn as possible, and be grammatically, orthographically, and lexicographically consistent and regular.

I really like the idea of a universal language and some of the social problems it would hopefully solve. Unfortunately there aren't really many resources for Ido and the few there are happen to be extremely dated and abandoned. Ido never really took off into the mainstream because of it's obscurity, but I hope that by educating more people through the internet, that will change soon.


Frostbyte, a multiplayer top-down shooter written for the browser with a nodejs backend, was built to satisfy the requirements (and then some) of an intro to computer programming final in high school.

I along with my friends (and group mates) chose to create Frostbyte to learn about nodejs and websockets, but soon after our final we abandoned the project, lacking the interest and desire to maintain and further develop a game.