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Michael Edlinger

mkeedlinger · cryptoFerox

Small time coder and enthusiast. I often dabble in anything computer related.

Things that have my interest:

  • nodejs
  • gpg
  • elixir
  • javascript
  • devops
  • linux
  • debian
  • self-hosting



Ido is an artificial language that was created to be a universal second language for speakers of diverse backgrounds. It was meant to be as easy to learn as possible, and be grammatically, orthographically, and lexicographically consistent and regular.

Because there are not many resources available for the language, I hoped to promote its use by helping there be a more easily available resource center it. It is harshly incomplete, and I haven't worked on it for some time, but I still love the idea :)

You can visit it here if you wish.

Christiansen Fasteners website

Contracted to redo their previous website, Jesse Smick and I completed this new website for them

We are capable of making mobile-friendly and responsible websites, but were not paid to in this example. I suspect that if we were contacted, we would be willing to make more for more people :)